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2. The "Pointy Boat" -- A Double-Ended Dory-Type Boat


The hull on this boat was created in just one week from just 2 sheets of el cheapo

3mm doorskin ply. I built it "quick & dirty" solely as a test-bed for the E-Z-Up

Mast & Sail Rig And The Instant-Deploy Amas you can see in Items 4 and 5.



For starters, I just cut out two sides 16' long by 16" high. The leftover panels of 16" wide by 8' long were then cut lengthwise diagonally.

(Sorry - I forgot to take photos of these steps.)

Then one piece was flipped over, they were glued big end to big end (to make a long, skinny diamond shape), and then I cut the bilge panels out of those.

Two pieces or 3mm ply, with virtually zero waste!










Every panel holds it shape perfectly with just a single temporary thwart in place.




















I make my mast steps like this now (after a very embarrassing failure in the middle of the bay).

 It's a bulletproof design, and the mast is free to spin on the plastic without causing any damage or starting a wear spot that can later soak up water.


Gotta have a sturdy surface to stand on when you get in, and a place to mount the foot pedals.
















Think that patio chair looks funny? Well it's extremely comfortable, lightweight, and totally waterproof. That's why all of my boats now have them. Try one yourself! (But do cut the legs off first :).












Would you believe it points as well as any of my other boats -- and doesn't even have a leeboard / centerboard / daggerboard?

This same boat eventually was fitted with the folding amas and the E-Z-Up mast & sail rig you'll see on later pages.


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