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4. The Amazing (Incredible, Stupendous, Etc.) "E-Z-Up Mast

& Sail Rig" And The "Instant-Deploy Amas"


Or how a small trimaran gets 100% ready to sail in less than 60 seconds -- really!





This first set of 7 photos shows the (painfully slow) development of the mast-raising concept. Many wake-ups in the middle of the night with ideas -- so good, some not so good...















The next series of photos illustrates adding the folding amas...


































Closed up for trailering.


















Mast at about 60 degrees.


Mast at about 72 degrees.


Mast at maximum angle of 78 degrees, where the COE is balanced with the hull.


Ready to go sailing!




Too many trimarans?


On the beach at Terra Ceia Bay.




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