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My Second 3mm Okoume Ply Hull -- And Back To

Good Old "Flat Panel" Construction!


My goal here was to make a new hull to which I could "transplant" the folding ama system

and the "E-Z-Up" mast & sail rig from the double-ended hull they were originally installed on.

(This original boat is the same boat in the photo to your upper right, and the boat you

may already have seen in the YouTube video at http://youtu.be/C8kUq4BouS0 )


The new hull below is the second -- and last -- hull I'll ever make out of 3mm okoume ply. After building

two hull with this pricey yet flimsy stuff, I can see no advantages over the much cheaper and sturdier

3mm lauan ply. In fact, the hulls I've built of lauan ply are stronger and fairer than the okoume, and

are much more resistant to twisting due to the torque loads that all trimarans will endure.


This hull is also an attempt to strike a balance between my previous two most successful hulls -- No Commotion and Laura's boat (click here to find out more about both of those boats). No Commotion has a V-hull with about a 35 degree dihedral, and Laura's boat has a flat bottom section with 45-degree bilge panels on each side.


I wanted something right in the middle -- a hull that would track well, not draw much water, not splash or pound, go fast, stay dry, not be noisy, and be very light. This hull meets that bill very nicely. My only regret is going with the okoume ply. Lauan would have made a much tighter, smoother, flex-resistant hull.



Once again, I didn't start the photo record quite early enough...


But I think the pictures will tell

 the rest of the story pretty well...























































A close-up of my best leeboard.

I swear, you just can't beat leeboards, especially for the skinny waters we have around here.





And here's the new hull with my second "Smoot Fan Sail" as a friend has christened the style.

Now, after very successful sea trials with this sail and two others, it's time to graft on the folding akas / amas and the "E-Z-Up" mast & sail rig!



Now the folding akas / amas

have been installed as of

March 10. 2012...

Looks pretty cool from dead astern...


And now, the moment I've

been waiting for - the "E-Z-Up"

mast & sail rig are finally

installed on their new hull!


Once again, I can look forward to

those lovely 2-3-minute launches.


Only thing left to do now

is...go sailing!





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