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- New Boatbuilding Pages & Photos, 2012 To Date...


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1. My First Try At A "Compounded" (Tortured) Plywood Main Hull...using el cheapo 3mm lauan doorskin plywood (click here)


2. The "Pointy Boat" -- A Double-Ended Dory-Type Boat The hull on this boat was created in just one week from just 2 sheets of el cheapo 3mm doorskin ply. I built it "quick & dirty" solely as a test-bed for the E-Z-Up Mast & Sail Rig And The Instant-Deploy Amas you can see in Items 4 and 5 below. (click here)


3. Making Some Hollow Wood / Laminated Akas (Crossmembers) Just For Fun ... because I didn't feel like spending a bunch of money buying (and anodizing) yet more 6061 T6 aluminum tubing. (click here)


4. The Amazing (Incredible, Stupendous, Etc.) "E-Z-Up Mast & Sail Rig" And The "Instant-Deploy Amas" How a trimaran gets 100% ready to sail...in under 60 seconds! (click here)


5. Close-Up Photos Of The "E-Z-Up Mast & Sail Rig" And The "Instant-Deploy Amas" By popular request, I humbly bare my boatbuilding soul and reveal for all to see the astonishing brilliant hidden secrets behind the awesomely inventive "E-Z-Up Mast & Sail Rig" And The "Instant-Deploy Amas" (click here)


6. My Second Try At A "Compounded" (Tortured) Plywood Main Hull...using "the good stuff" -- 3mm okoume plywood. Did it finally work this time? (click here)


7. The "Planing Hull" Experiment...a brief visit back to 2011, where I made some very important discoveries about what works, what doesn't, and why... (click here)


8. My Second 3mm Okoume Ply Hull -- And Back To Good Old "Flat Panel" Construction! (click here)


9. Update: The Evolution Of My Folding Trimaran (coming one of these days...)


10. The 24-Footer "LocoMotion (fall of 2012) - My first try at a much bigger boat with a very different kind of hull and twin sails. About 50 photos. (click here)


11. The 19-Footer (Spring of 2013) - Basically, a 15% bigger version of "Laura's boat." About 75 photos. (click here)


12. The New "Slingshot 16 - Solo" Trimaran! - An improved "high-performance version of the original Laura's Boat - more sail, bigger amas, and a bunch of other helpful mods. (click here)




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