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- You Tube Videos -


1. "No Commotion" going about 12 mph. This speed  was achieved with 124 sf of sail (my rig from a Laser II). However, this same boat has since gone 13 mph with a single unstayed sail of just 102 sf. Now I'm a BIG fan of simple, freestanding rigs!

Video at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=03CNVpiUpwE and on home page here. (about 30 seconds)



2. Is 1/8" Cheapo Doorskin Plywood Too Flimsy For Your Small Trimaran? Trying - unsuccessfully - to destroy a hull made of 3mm lauan doorskin ply with 6 oz. fiberglas cloth and epoxy on the outside only using a 3 1/4 lb steel maul. The inside  has 2 coats of polyurethane varnish.

Video at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gt6p46UPmBE (under a minute)



     3. Videos and Still Shots Of The 2012 Everglades Challenge! (click here)



4. Can Your Trimaran Do This? A demo of how it's possible to deploy the amas, raise the mast & sail, and get sailing all in under one minute! Everything you will see on this boat (except the seat :) is homemade and home-designed, including the sail.

Video at http://youtu.be/C8kUq4BouS0 (about 3 minutes)



5. My Folding Tri with E-Z-Up Mast Rig at Bunces Pass, Florida - Taken by some kind folks aboard the "party boat" at a meetup of the West Coast Trailer Sailor Squadron, of which I have recently become a member.

Video at  http://youtu.be/qLDmTEA22dM (about 30 seconds)



6. My New 24' Trimaran - The second voyage of the big new tri (after outing after the first voyage uncovered some significant problems with leeboard function, rudder size, and a few other issues which were soon corrected).

Video at http://youtu.be/yAj2bYIQMrM (about 1 minute)



7. The 24-Foot Trimaran At Bunces Pass, FL - Going out Bunces Pass to the Gulf Of Mexico and going onto the beach at Shell Key Preserve. Just a beautiful day!

Video at http://youtu.be/rXvkl7UCmNI (about 1.5 minutes)



8. My Trimaran ACTION Video - This is a video of Laura's boat screaming along with a vertical batter polytarp sail I designed and built. It pulls really well, but as you can see, the amas were just too small. I have since installed bigger ones.  

Video at http://youtu.be/5TXBzSZyhNU (about 2.5 minutes)



9. How My "Remote" Rudders Operate - This is a video of the operation of the rudder on my 19' trimaran (typical of how the rudders operate on all my tris).

Video at http://youtu.be/asImSppBf0s (about one minute)




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