My wife Laura's 16' trimaran with 84 sq.

ft. sail on a homemade unstayed mast.


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Small, Homemade Trimarans


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My 16' trimaran No Commotion with its

optional 124 sq. ft. rig from a Laser II.



Florida's "Sunshine Coast"

is small boat heaven!



What's On This Site:

1. Why I have come to believe that small trimarans are the only way to go. [click here]


2. A Brief History of the 15 or so homemade boats and rigs I have build over the past two years [click here]


3. Our first "trimarans"- made from kayaks (includes construction photos). click here


4. Building our first "real" trimaran: the tandem rig (includes construction photos).  click here


5. Building the first lightweight, single-seater trimaran, "No Commotion" click here


6. Building Laura's 65-lb "ultralight" trimaran - see 50 construction photos! click here


7. The Amazing "Planing Amas"- see 40 photos! click here


8. No Commotion Gets A Slick New "Sliding Aka" System! click here


Building Our First "Real" Trimaran: The Tandem Rig


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Photos 21-29 (of 29)


21. Laura gives it a test-sitting in "her" seat (the forward one).


22. No lines or controls in that seat. She gets to be a passenger!


23. First test-sail with just the 84 sq. ft sail.


24. Looks very interesting...but does it sail? No leeboards, centerboard, or skegs.


25. Adding the homemade jib. It goes very well, but doesn't track so well.


26. I'll be adding skegs to the amas...


27. The main hull draws 7" with both of us aboard. Too much rocker...


28. I take it out solo. Nice, but it actually handles better with both of us aboard.


29. Sailing off into sparkling seas. But tracking got much better when the ama skegs were added.




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