My wife Laura's 16' trimaran with 84 sq.

ft. sail on a homemade unstayed mast.


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My 16' trimaran No Commotion with its

optional 124 sq. ft. rig from a Laser II.



Florida's "Sunshine Coast"

is small boat heaven!



What's On This Site:

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2. A Brief History of the 15 or so homemade boats and rigs I have build over the past two years [click here]


3. Our first "trimarans"- made from kayaks (includes construction photos). click here


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5. Building my first single-seater tri, No Commotion...


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Photos 11-20 Below



11- "New" part of hull (bottom) is ready for fiberglassing. (Sides had

actually been fiberglassed before assembly.)


12- Here's good look at all the framing that "survived the cut."


13. The hull fiberglassing and epoxying is now complete. Looks pretty sleek!


14. Deck panels temporarily tacked in place. Cockpit looks kinda small, but cozy...


15. Aka bolts temporarily installed (upside down) to see if akas actually fit. They do!

Note to self: Next time, go with bigger diameter tubes. These are 2" dia. in front and 1 3/4 dia. in back. OK for now, but 2 1/2" in back and 3" in front would be bulletproof on a boat this size.


16.  Aka bolts in, decks on, and fiberglassing is complete!


17. Hull of my tri is now painted. Note: The amas shown were originally made for this boat,

but turned out to be too small (just 13" high). I later made another tri for Laura, with lower

sides, where these amas work great. Then I made some taller one for this boat.


18. First assembly of complete hull. I can already see too much bend in the akas.


19. Actually, now that I think about it, this front aka was on 1 3/4" in dia. Upgrading to a

2" tube turned out to be a big improvement, though bigger still would definitely be better.


20. I added this coaming / water deflector, which did help a bit. But as it turned out,

the real water problem is splashes from wave impacts. Under most conditions, this

boat is a very dry ride. But with lots of wind and waves, it gets pretty wet!


(To see photos 21 through 30, please click here.)


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